Driven by the belief that good health is the corner stone of a rich and happy life, we strive to support the hand that heals and enrich the lives of our society.

Burhani Enterprises was established over 30 years ago. When his family business began looking into diversification, our C.E.O took up the Pharmaceutical trade and today Burhani has grown into one of the leading importers of Pharmaceuticals in Sri Lanka.

Through those years we have been importing, marketing and distributing a range of pharmaceuticals and allied products. We act as sole agents in Sri Lanka and Maldives for a number of products that we import from Britain, USA, Italy and India.

We also distribute some products for other reputed pharmaceutical companies that are based in Sri Lanka.

We have been members of The Sri Lanka Chamber of the Pharmaceutical Industry (SLCPI) from its inception and our C.E.O is a former Treasurer of this institution.

Marketing - Quality products at sensible prices


Where marketing is concerned, we have developed and maintained the image of a business that deals in only the highest quality products, while also offering affordable prices. Many doctors have come to trust us and prescribe our products regularly, preferring us over the competition.


Distribution - Nationwide Reach


Our Islandwide distribution system reaches all the pharmacies and major supermarkets in the areas that we cover here in Sri Lanka. We also supply to all the leading private hospitals and many state institutions as well. We are proud to say that through our sales representatives and also personalized attention we have managed to build a healthy and reliable customer base.